Modern Nordic Ring for wedding

How the Vikings Crafted Nordic Rings for Weddings & Other Events

Back in the Viking Age, both men and women alike wore unique jewelry. These brave warriors had these accessories on every occasion, whether it was festive or wartime. As is the case today, the Vikings loved parties and joyful gatherings. These events were the only time when they could escape from battles and harsh everyday life. The weddings were especially magnificent, from the feasts to the appearance of the newlyweds.

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Vikings crafted a variety of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wedding bands, all kinds of finger and arm rings, and so on. It was primarily handcrafted from metals, such as gold, silver, iron, and all kinds of alloys.

Wedding bands were of great importance for the people who owned them. Rings often held meaning for the family of the person who had made it. These were a symbol of the coalition and something like a seal on a wedding contract between two families.

For example, a young warrior wanted to marry a lady whose father was the leader of a nearby town. The bride and groom took an oath with wedding bands to spend the rest of their lives together, no matter what.

Meaning of Rings in Viking Culture

Wearing rings was reserved for the bride and groom, but the symbolism of this piece of jewelry was much bigger. These were of great importance in the Viking culture for the social and political stability of the kingdom. Wedding bands were much more than a symbol of love. They were the seal of the agreement between the two families.

Regardless of social status or wealth, most Vikings wore rings made of precious metals such as amber, bronze, and silver. As these precious metals weren’t naturally found in Nordic countries, Vikings brought them from battles.

Depending on the design, some finger jewelry was supposed to protect Vikings from evil forces. Others should preserve their fields from the unfavorable climate. Some pieces reminded them of some specific events, stories from their mythology, and so on.

Common Designs

The most popular ornaments that the Vikings wore were pieces with the symbols of their gods and anything related to them (weapons, animals, etc.). These symbols were popular on rings. Jewelry crafted by Nordic tribes is known for being incredibly strong. Due to their simple construction, rings were durable and couldn’t bend under pressure.

Pieces engraved with Odin’s ravens were especially appreciated. Tor’s hammer was supposed to be a protection against bad weather and storms on the high seas. The Tree of Life, which symbolized birth and reincarnation, was another common symbol. Some fascinating facts about Norse mythology see here.

According to historical writings, the Vikings preferred silver. It was desirable as a payment method, whether as coins or jewelry. Pieces of glass and metal were often made for poorer people. As a rule, gold jewelry was reserved exclusively for the elite and bravest warriors and conquerors.

How Wedding Bands Looked Like

History can’t accurately claim that the Vikings had wedding rings as they are worn today. But considering their technology of making jewelry that was ahead of its time, some wedding jewelry existed. Norse brides wore their wedding bands in the hair, and during the ceremony, they didn’t put rings on the groom’s finger but swords.

How Wedding Bands Looked Like

Most wedding bands were actually made from one piece of metal, making them much more resistant to external factors than other hand jewelry made of many pieces twisted together. The quality of these rings was excellent, meaning they would last for a lifetime.

As time went on, the Vikings also developed and improved on the types of jewelry they wore. For example, instead of using just one precious metal, makers would combine several different ones. The design of the rings varied too. Instead of being simple, Norse people preferred complex designs and carvings representing their gods or any symbol from their mythology.

Let’s move on to the present date. People familiar with Norse mythology know much about accessories Vikings wore. So when it comes to getting their hands on the best wedding accessories, Viking crafted rings probably can’t be beaten.

Viking Jewelry as Modern Wedding Accessories

Nordic Rings for WeddingsWhile preparing for your big day, you have many things on your mind. You think about organizing everything, arranging that your guest have fun and make their and your memories unforgettable.

But above all, it is important that you shine. It’s your day, and you want to look and celebrate the way you want. Besides the festive outfit, you also need the jewelry to complete the wedding look.

When it comes to picking the appropriate jewelry, it would be impossible not to fall for the latest fashion trends. As modern trends got their best from the nordic lifestyle, Viking fashion is something you can’t miss.

The Basis of Modern Nordic Style

Nordic style jewelry has a natural beauty about it that other styles can’t imitate. It has gained popularity in the past few years. The Nordic style wedding bands come in different shapes with intricate designs and carvings.

Some of these rings are simple, while others feature detailed engravings. The plain rings tend to be more expensive. They are usually made of better quality metals and are also crafted by expert artists. Carvings are usually found on iron, sterling silver, or bronze.

People have started wearing nordic rings to enhance their wedding looks. They even use these accessories for everyday outfits. The reason is easy to understand. Nordic style jewelry is elegant and stylish. It blends well with almost anything and both men and women can wear it.

Although you’re not a fan of Norse mythology, you can’t deny the unique look of Vikings and their outfits. They didn’t have the technology we know today, so they used their best craftsmen skills to make every piece of jewelry outstanding. Nowadays, you have beautiful and high-quality personalized jewelry at your disposal. You can use them on every occasion, just like these brave warriors centuries ago.


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