7 Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas

7 Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas

For some people, gift giving is a competitive sport and searching for a unique gift can be a marathon event of scrolling through advertisements and gift guides. Sometimes exhaustion sets in and your dad end up getting yet another pair of socks or another tie and your mother might end up with a gift card or some fuzzy socks. If this sounds familiar, the unique gift ideas for Christmas outlined below might be just what you are looking for:

1. Custom-made Hand-Written Letter Blanket

This gift is a remarkable way of immortalizing a cherished card or an old letter. Furthermore, it is far more distinctive than a store-bought greeting card. The art of letter writing has mostly been lost; therefore, this is a technologically advanced way to keep the tradition of letter writing alive. These blankets provide a cozy customizable place for your love messages. Personalizing a comfy throw is a unique and functional way to make a loved one happy this Christmas.

2. Exotic Fruit Growing Kit

There are a number of kits available to grow thyme, basil and other vegetables in the windowsill; however, growing kits for exotic fruits is a new take on this phenomenon. This has landed it in a category among the most unique gifts for the Christmas season. This is an 18-piece kit that has everything required to see exotic fruits materialize from this kit for your eating pleasure. The kit includes four packets of different types of exotic fruits namely sugar baby watermelon, Himalayan goji berry, alpine juicy strawberry and honeydew melon. There are also four reusable pots included. In addition, there are soil discs that are rich in nutrients to help the process along. Additionally, to make sure the plants are never over-watered or under-watered, a moisture meter is included in this kit; this gives everyone a guaranteed green thumb. The step-by-step guide also ensures the plants will thrive.

3. Candy Box

Loved ones with a sweet tooth will definitely appreciate a treat-filled box this Christmas season. These unique gifts are commercially made by some companies; however, it can be personally created and customized and wrapped in a festive box to satisfy the preferences and taste palette of the intended recipient. You can include the favorite candies of the recipient so he or she can enjoy delicious bites during the Christmas season. The real challenge will be to not eat all the candies in one day.

4. Heated Shoulder and Back Massager

After a hard day of fulfilling adult responsibilities, a shoulder and back massager that emits heat will provide a source of true relaxation to eliminate any tension that might have built up throughout the day. The gift recipient might not be able to get a professional massage every day; this at-home shiatsu massager can provide a quality massage for a lot less.

5. Aromatherapy Shower Steamer

Bath bombs definitely provide a great experience in the tub. However, not everyone has time to soak in the bathtub when there is a need to de-stress. This is where showers steamers come in handy as they deliver the same relaxing sensation. These steamers are fresh, natural, and loaded with essential oils designed to help you with relaxing and unwinding. Dropping a tablet in the shower will cause a burst of scent, including citrus, lemongrass, orange, jasmine, grapefruit, vanilla, cherry blossom, chamomile, mint, lavender, rose, and eucalyptus.

6. Personalized Dog Treat Jar

The pet mom or dad in your life will surely appreciate a customized treat jar. You can simply have the name of the pooch added to the treat jar and you could consider decking it out with some paw prints for more decorative detail. This can be done in the color of your choice to suit the preference of the recipient or even to match his or her home décor. Ensure the jar is big enough to hold lots of treats.

7. Gift Hamper

Among other benefits, a gift hamper provides adequate space to place a number of the favorite gifts of the recipient in one package. This is one of the biggest advantages of gift hampers that no other gifts possess. So, inside a single gift hamper, you are able to buy or put together a variety of gifts of varying price ranges and send to your loved ones this holiday season. You can also buy pre-made hampers like the ones suggested in this article.


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