Personalized Wedding Gifts

21 Best Personalized Wedding Gifts To Surprise Guests At Your Wedding

Show your love and appreciation with these unique wedding mementos

Wedding souvenirs are a way to show your wedding guests love and appreciation for celebrating your special day with you. It is a traditional way of thanking them for coming and giving them something to remember the day by. And contrary to what you might think, they don’t have to break the bank, considering there are a lot of inexpensive options out there.

For unique wedding favors that your guests will both enjoy and use again, personalized gifts are your best option. Besides making your guests happy, they can also tie into your wedding theme and complete an already perfect day.

For weddings in 2021 and beyond, here are the best personalized weddings gifts available online:

New & Trendy Wedding Favor Ideas

1. Personalized Pocket-Sized Hand Sanitizers

Personalized Pocket Sized Hand Sanitizers

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $7

Keep your guests protected from germs with a pocket-sized hand sanitizer personalized with your wedding info! It is an inexpensive way to give your guests something thoughtful at your wedding. And you can be sure they’ll find a use for it!

2. Personalized Sunscreen

Personalized Sunscreen

Shop on Etsy; Set of 12 starts at $43

Are you planning a destination beach wedding or a wedding out in the outdoors? There is nothing better than having bottles of sunscreen with personalized stickers as wedding favors to protect your loved ones’ skin. You can use the pocket-sized ones, so it is handy for your guests.

3. Custom Wine Stopper

Custom Wine Stopper

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $12.50 for 5

For your adult guests, wine stoppers make for the perfect wedding favors. These are great for any wedding theme you might— from rustic weddings to vintage garden weddings and everything in between.

4. Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $5.99

Bottle openers are tools that you don’t think about until you really need one. That’s why they are one of the best wedding favors. You can have their wooden handles engraved for that special personalized touch.

5. Personalized Candle

Personalized Candle

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $25

Candles are classic gifts that have come back in style with more scents and colors than ever before. Candles in glass jars always look classier, and you’ll have the option of customizing the candle itself as well as the tag on the pot.

6. Personalized Candy Jar

Personalized Candy Jar

Great for kids and even for adults who love to satisfy their sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with personalized candy. You can gather up candies or bite-sized chocolates and then put them in a small jar with a personalized label that matches your wedding motif.

7. Personalized Pot & Seed

Personalized Pot Seed

If you are planning a garden, barn, or farm wedding, a personalized pot stuffed with a packet of seeds is the best wedding favor to fit your theme. You can also add tags with quotes about how love grows in marriage.

8. Personalized Leather Luggage Tags

Personalized Leather Luggage Tags

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $74.25 for 15

Weddings are a new adventure that the bride and groom will start. This makes custom luggage tags great for symbolic mementos. Plus, these are easily personalizable. You can add anything you want, such as love quotes, the date of the wedding, and names.

9. Personalized Wooden Coaster

Personalized Wooden Coaster

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $1.20

Coasters are not just beautiful to look at, but they are also helpful in people’s homes. So, why not give your guests well-made wooden coasters? You’ll have lots of shapes and sizes to choose from.

10. Sparklers


Shop on Etsy; Starts at $6.65 for 10

Weddings are magical, just like when you watch a sparkler light up at night. So, give your wedding guests sparklers with personalized tags to make them experience the magic. These are also great for staging fun and bright wedding photos with all your guests.

11. Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

Shop on Etsy: Starts at $4

Want a really unique wedding favor? Go for coffee grounds inside personalized packages. You can put them in a special box with custom-made tags or have a specially made packet with the wedding information and love quotes. After all, you’ll want to give your guests the “perfect blend.”

12. Jars of Cookies

Jars of Cookies

After your guests hand in their congratulations gifts, say thank you with cookies in jars. Cookies with different sizes and flavors usually make the biggest impact.

13. Personalized Blanket Scarf

Personalized Blanket Scarf

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $3.90

Show your guests your kindness by giving them warmth in the form of a blanket scarf. You can opt to have it personalized by imprinting your initials in the material or have the wrapping or the label personalized for a more budget-friendly choice.

14. Custom Christmas Ornaments

Custom Christmas Ornaments

Are you having your wedding during the Christmas season? A custom Christmas ornament as wedding mementos will definitely make your guests smile. You can personalize Christmas balls, crystals, and wooden handicrafts to give your guests options.

15. Wooden Chopsticks

Wooden Chopsticks

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $19.85

You may not have thought of it yet, but chopsticks are excellent wedding souvenirs, especially if they have something to do with the bride or the groom. And, the wooden variants are easy to personalize with sayings, quotes, inside jokes, or wedding details.

16. Bags of Popcorn

Bags of Popcorn

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $0.92

One thing to make your wedding favors a little different is to give out caramelized popcorn in customized packets or bags. It’s a unique and straightforward gift that people can snack on during your wedding.

17. Custom Mints

Custom Mints

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $5.40 for 10

No one can deny that mints are the cutest things to be given as wedding souvenirs. You can even get the personal label or stickers to say “Mint to be” to make your guests smile.

18. Personalized Fans

Personalized Fans

Shop on Etsy; Starts at $1.95

Custom-made fans are great for garden and beach weddings. Whether they are electric, folding, or the regular hand fans, you can get them personalized with stickers, or for the wooden materials, you can get them stamped or imprinted.

19. Notebooks


Shop on Etsy; Starts at $22

Notebooks always come in handy, plus they make for beautiful wedding favors. Pick a design that matches your wedding theme to create cohesion. They are easily personalizable with stickers and tags.

20. Succulents


Succulents are small, so your wedding guests will not have any issue bringing them home. They also make the ideal thank-you gift since it is low maintenance, kid-friendly, and undeniably beautiful. You can have personalized pots or even just tags and labels.

21. Custom Bars of Soap

Custom Bars of Soap

Soaps are stunning to look at and luxurious in the shower; that’s why they make such great wedding giveaways. They can be custom-made with embossed wedding details or wrapped with special paper.

To conclude, wedding favors are elements that you should never skip. Show your guests how much you appreciate them with unique wedding favors. If you have them personalized, these little things make your special day even more special.


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