Gift Giving Tips on How to Choose the Ideal Basket

Gift-Giving: Tips on How to Choose the Ideal Basket

Whether it’s the holiday season or not, the truth is many of us find gift-giving to be no simple affair. There are various reasons why it happens to be so stressful, some of which include the symbolism behind the ideal present, the fear of failure and not knowing the recipient too well. And then, there’s the aspect of finances like not having enough money for the ideal present, plus lacking the time to look for it.

Thankfully, we live in a world where the versatile gift basket that delivers on every expectation has turned into the perfect solution no matter the occasion or the recipient. As there are many options available both brick-and-mortar and online, even those you can pick out and have delivered on the same day, it’s not surprising it’s become such a desirable gift.

To avoid feeling burdened again with so many choices at your disposal, the following tips could be of help next time you’re on the lookout for the perfect present.

Think About the Relationship You Have with the Recipient

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One of the easiest ways to narrow down the options is to consider the person you’re trying to surprise in the first place. There’s the ideal hamper for everyone, be they a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, an acquaintance, or a colleague. And you can choose each of the items it would comprise based on how close the two of you are.

This is a safe path to take both when you want to ensure they like what they receive, and that you neither send the wrong message nor fail on their expectations by overspending or underspending. Analyzing the relationship would give you the hint on the budget, specifically whether you should keep it simple or opt for a luxurious basket instead.

Find Out What Their Interests Are

Find Out what Their Interests Are

Unless you know the person too well, this might require you to do some “detective” work if you want to keep the element of surprise with the gift basket, which isn’t so difficult nowadays when there’s the help of social networks. If this too sounds rather complicated, you could always turn to a close friend of theirs to get the information you need.

Same as the previous tip, this one would save you from awkward situations in the example of gifting the recipient with a nice vegan wine when they don’t even drink wine at all, or a gluten-based edible treat when they have turned their diet gluten-free. The reason interests are such an important aspect has to do with taking the time to get to know the person well enough to know what they like and dislike.

In addition to leaving off a great impression, it would also save you from the thought they might end up regifting or tossing out your present. This often happens when you try to surprise a minimalist who’s dead set on not receiving certain gifts.

Reflect on the Event You’re Buying For

Reflect on the Event Youre Buying For

Not less important than the previous two, this tip would assist you with choosing the perfect gift basket for the occasion. For instance, when you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present, you would get the best outcome if you choose to surprise them with items that are in the Christmas spirit. Sweets and treats they could later use to decorate the Christmas tree, such as those in the form of a wreath, are a nice pick.

The same goes for Easter with the symbols such as bunnies and eggs, as well as anniversaries and birthdays with bubbly. When surprising newlyweds, you’d have to include items both of them would enjoy, not merely the bride or the groom, much like with choosing the basket for a mum-to-be when the present could include her and the baby.

When you’re choosing for a corporate event, and you don’t know the recipients, you could throw in a note to thank partners or clients and show them why they are so important. You could use the same tactic when you’re not buying for an event at all, and simply want to show off your loved ones how much you care about them with a basket full of treats they love and a handwritten note.

Decide on the Style of the Basket

Decide on the Style of the Basket

When it comes to buying the ideal gift baskets, visual appeal matters just as much as what you fill them up with. In fact, what this present comes in, and how it’s wrapped, sends off a message before they even get to open it or enjoy some of the edible treats and accessories it’s filled with.

To make it a thoughtful one, it’s important to pay attention to the exterior as much as its contents, so the next time you’re purchasing the hamper be sure to carefully choose the size, material, color, and shape. Not everyone cares about these aspects, but they’d certainly like that you’ve gone the extra mile with the gift.

You can choose these not only relying on your budget and occasion but the preferences of the person too. For example, they might be individuals who care about the environment and lead eco-conscious lifestyles in which case they’d much rather prefer having a basket, or even a bucket, they can reuse multiple times than a box they’d toss out soon after.

The same can be said about the items you pick, and besides the various options of foods and drinks you’d come across, you could pile up on extras that would serve them further. I’m thinking of pampering essentials in the likes of bathrobes, slippers, candles, and body creams to remind them to take some time off for themselves.

If you want to keep it traditional and romantic at the same time, plush toys and blankets you could snuggle up with are a nice idea as well, or amazing succulents and other plants wrapped up with ribbons they could nurture the same as the relationship you two share. In short, you shouldn’t miss out on giving all the details a thought!


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