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6 Ways To Travel the USA Like an Influencer

Covid kept us all trapped – but with vaccine uptake minimizing the risk, many people are getting their travel bug back. And if you are going to travel for the first time in two or three years, why not do it in style? Here’s how to travel like an influencer!

Get Your Social Media Following Up

If you want people to follow along with your adventure, start working on your social media following as soon as you decide to travel like an influencer. If you are to start swaying opinions, you will have to engage with your followers, making them feel important to you and as though they want to try out the clothing and products you recommend.

Curate Interests that You Like

With your social media following, don’t be tempted to jump onto a popular bandwagon unless you personally feel drawn to the topic. For example, green ways of living, veganism and clean eating are all highly topical, but if you still use single-use plastics on occasion, love a burger now and then, and don’t pay all that much attention to your diet, then you will quickly be called out as your followers hang on your every move! Plus, if you do become successful, you must be able to talk about you chosen ‘hooks’ daily, maybe for years to come.

Plan your Route

Plan your route with care to take in all the good ‘must-see’ sights and sounds as you go. You might need to tweak your route and itinerary to be in the right place at the right time to catch a concert or art exhibition. This is where a limo service can be invaluable, ensuring you arrive at the right place at the right time. Check out limo services NJ from Bergenlimo and see what they can do for you.

Wear Striking Clothing

In your posts, people must be able to recognize you immediately, even in different make-up and hairdos. Develop a distinctive clothing style in your photos and posts to start building your personal brand. Do make sure that they are clothes that you are comfortable in, though – traveling for a long time demands a level of comfort in your clothing, so choose wisely between style and comfort, while aiming for both.

Be Kind

When you start gaining a decent following and perhaps attract a few clients for promotions and collaborations, always remember that it is the ‘little people’ are the ones who will make or break your success, letting fans know what you are really like, choosing to follow or not follow and generally making your life easier – or not – depending on how you treat them. Remember the old retail adage: An upset customer will tell ten people about their terrible experience: a very happy customer might only tell one. Make sure you minimize those angry followers!

Allow Enough Time

When you are traveling, it can be tempting to cram in as much as possible. This is like power-walking through an art gallery: you are left with an impression of the art, but no details! Instead, linger for a few hours, immersing yourself in the experience and speaking to the locals, finding out interesting facts, and ‘doing’ the place properly. This might come down to a one-minute video packed with a whirl of soundbites, but the inside knowledge you now have will come through well, impressing your followers and earning you new ones.


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