Buying Shoes Factors

5 Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Shoes

A sober yet stylish pair of shoes is an integral part of any attire. Your look is incomplete until complimented with the right choice of shoes. Everyone wants to stand out of the crowd and look pretty but to avoid spoiling your limelight, you must pay keen attention to your footwear.

However, fashion should not the only factor of concern for you. An uncomfortable or misfit show can result in severe injuries or damage. You must be sure about the comfort of your movement while wearing footwear. The ongoing season should also be one of your considerations. Thus, all this variety of subjects makes it hard for anyone to select the best himself. So let’s resolve all such concerns in here, in one read.

1. Comfort

Most of us only travel to a footwear shop when our shoes are already causing considerable discomfort. This is the reason, comfort should be your priority while making a choice, no matter what brand or design have fallen for… For example, always check the shoe lining and make sure it is not that hard to cause any irritation or scar. Also, it is advised that your shoes must have some provision of an inch or two. This is because the feet tend to expand when the day gets hotter; so there should always be some room for it.

A recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School and by the GSI (German Shoe Institute), revealed that approximately eighty percent of the local population buy footwear which is not comfortable. And very interestingly, women are more observed to buy shoes that are too small while on the contrary, men go for shoes that are too big.

However, the measure of comfort doesn’t only depend on the size of shoes but it is also associated with the weight of your pair of shoes. Therefore, the shoes you opt should be lighter in weight and cozy in feel. All these tips are recommended because your overall mood depends on the level of comfort your shoes offer.

2. Weather and Environment

Temperature and environment are the two key factors that determine the choice of your shoes. But unfortunately, many people are persistently ignorant about these two fundamental aspects.

However, special attention should be given because as we mentioned earlier, the feet expand during noon. Therefore, it is also recommended to purchase a pair of shoes during the evening time. Moreover, during the winter season, make sure to walk around a little while wearing your brand new pair and notice if the shoes generate a feeling of warmth in the feet. This way, you will always find the perfect fit for yourselves.

3. Go For a Trusted Manufacturer

It is not the design and looks of the shoe which is vital, but the quality of material and the finishing of stitches are equally important. Always pay keen attention to the raw material and tanning of the leather used. You should be very rightly conscious about the workmanship and resistibility of leather; because this what you are paying for. Nowadays, rexine is coming in such a refined form that it is almost impossible to distinguish between artificial and genuine leather.

To ensure that you are buying original leather, you can do a simple water-drop test. Drop a few drops of water and see if the material absorbs moisture. If the moisture begins to disappear, rest assured that the leather you are buying is genuine; otherwise if the water droplets puddle on the surface and slide down, then make-up your mind at once and drop the product if you are looking to buy one hundred percent leather.

4. Cost

Today, one may find the cheapest and the most expensive variants of similar-looking pairs of shoes. Generally, a price tag against any product either depends on the quality of material and workmanship or the popularity of a brand. Choose wisely and resist giving yourself into big names. No matter how exclusive the brand may be, always verify the product quality and accurate size before swiping your card. Pay attention to the smallest of details because you would want to value each penny of yours. Bear this in mind that expensive never in any sense is synonymous to better.

5. Know Your Style and Buy Securely

While making the correct choice of shoes, always keep preference for your style of attire. If you are more into vibrant outfits then you should opt for something that matches your wardrobe because you wouldn’t be buying a separate pair for each of your outfits. And, if you are buying a pair of shoes for the first time from a particular brand then do not invest large amounts in the very first meeting. Buy something relatively cheaper and test it for a few days. Once you are satisfied with the brand then go ahead with shopping as much as wish.

Another important consideration which you should never forget while making a purchase is the policy check. Make sure you have read the return or exchange policy thoroughly so that you can return with relief if something goes wrong. And if you are buying from an online retailer then you must double-check the credibility of the seller as such platforms are filled with hundreds of scams – most of them use the tactics of buzz generation to get rid of their ill-quality material.


Choosing the right pair of shoes can be challenging as a lot of factors are to be considered such as the fit of it, size, comfort, durability, longevity and not to forget the style of it as well. Price is also another important factor but it is suggested that if every other factor checks out then one should invest in a perfect pair of footwear. And, if you are looking for such a flawless match then Bstore Australia is the new buzz in town. Moreover, it is highly recommended to always prefer to buy from a walk-in store rather than from online shops until and unless you have already tried that footwear because the fit might vary from style to style even if you’re sure of your shoe size. Happy Shopping!


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