Botox That Should Surprise You

8 Facts About Botox That Should Surprise You

Botox is a very popular cosmetic treatment. It has made quite a reputation for itself even outside of the beauty industry. You won’t hear much about how it works or what it does, but you will hear people refer to pretty much any cosmetic treatment, be it facial fillers or lip enhancements as “Botox”. This is very much wrong, but considering how not many people know what Botox actually does, it is somewhat understandable.

But that is why knowing more about the advantages of this cosmetic treatment could help us decide whether it is right for us. While we have heard of the name all over the media, some questions still remain including “does Botox work?” or “What exactly is it”? You have questions and luckily, we have plenty of answers to give you.

Thanks to NYC’s Skinly Aesthetics, we were able to get more information from professionals who have been in business for years and have seen the extent to which Botox has had a positive effect on people’s lives.

1. The Procedure Only Involves Injections

Many people are fearful of complicated surgeries and procedures, especially ones that have to do with the face. Luckily, this is not the case with Botox. The only thing you can expect during the Botox procedure is a few injections in key areas of the face. These injections are very small and thanks to local anesthetic are pretty much painless.

For many people, pain is a major deal-breaker as they do not have as much of a tolerance for it. The advantage of Botox is that since you will barely feel a thing, you won’t need to be very pain-tolerant nor will you be going through an excruciating experience.

2. Botox Numbs Your Face

One thing that many patients do not expect from Botox is how it numbs the face. Sure, the practitioner informs them about how Botox works and what effects it’s going to have on the face. But many people still underestimate the numbness and don’t expect it to be as tangible as it is.

You should definitely be prepared for the numbness. It’s not going to be too bothersome, though it has been reported to be uncomfortable at first. But after some time, you will get used to the sensation and it will become standard. In fact, after a few days, you won’t even notice that the numbness is there.

3. Numbed Muscles Means No Wrinkles

When the Botox compound is injected, it numbs muscles in certain areas of the face. These muscles are the ones responsible for the wrinkles, as they would uncontrollably contract, causing wrinkles to form on the surface of the skin above.

By stopping these contractions, the skin above smooths itself out naturally. Now, the wrinkles do not entirely disappear but rather get lighter and less visible. So while you can still see a faint outline of certain age marks, they are nowhere near as deep as they are before the treatment.

4. The Effects Start to Show in a Few Days

Some cosmetic treatments out there will ask you to be very patient for the results to become visible. In the case of Botox, this is not the case. After the injections are administered it takes around 3 to 4 days for the compound to affect. The longest you may have to wait is up to a week, but in any case, you should see some difference right after the treatment.

5. Your Face Will Look Naturally Younger

One problem that other face smoothing treatments tend to have is how the results of the treatments do not look very natural. This usually comes from the fact that a lot of them work on a very surface level. They mask the wrinkles as opposed to flattening them from the source.

This is one of Botox’s biggest strengths and why it works so well. It does not merely puff up the skin or stretch it out. It works with the muscles below and as a result, the effect looks a lot more natural.

6. Procedure Takes Less Than an Hour

Going to the cosmetic clinic for the first time can be nerve-wracking enough as it is. But imagine having to stay there longer than you need to. Everyone is always on a tight schedule and may not have the time to go through a procedure that takes over an hour. Luckily, Botox procedures typically last only a few minutes up to half an hour depending on how much Botox is being utilized.

So don’t worry about canceling your plans; Botox will not take much time out of your hands.

7. It Is Easy to Find

Seeing as how most of the news that you hear about Botox tends to be about some celebrity getting treated with it, it’s easy to believe that the treatment is an exclusive service only available to a select few individuals. This is just not the case. Most cities in the country have at least one practitioner who works with Botox and you should have no trouble finding the right one for all your needs.

8. It Is Quite Approachable in Terms of Price

This also leads to another wrong assumption, that Botox is a very expensive privilege. A few years ago, most people would agree with you. But nowadays, this is just not the case. Considering how many practitioners there are all over the country, it is not surprising to see how the competition between them has led to more competitive prices. This benefits you as the patient, who has the freedom to choose from a wide range of practitioners who have their own pricing models and charges.

There is always more to learn about Botox. The more you ask about it and understand the nuances behind this amazing treatment, the more likely you are to find something about it that will bring some positive change to your life.


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